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Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay E2

Discovery Bay

Home of E2 Education

This project will offer a wide range of world leading educational platforms and aspires to be the nerve centre of knowledge related pursuits within Earth 2.

Discovery Bay is for you if you like:

  • Museum – ‘Museum of Worlds’
  • Discovery Bay University & eCampus
  • Trading Port
  • Downtown
  • Sports Stadiums & PvP

Project managed by:

Ready PIxel Go

Lt. ReadyPixelGo

Discovery Bay
Discovery Bay


Leonardo da Vinci ‘Vitruvian Man’ pixel art
This is where you’ll find everything from E1 & E2 combined. From real to the surreal. Myth and legend. This is the place to view and find answers. A knowledge bank and vault. RPG and education are the target audience here.
Opportunities to earn the use of special weapons in PvP and showcase prizes won across E2.

We hope to offer a VR live museum in part as the game evolves.

e2 University

Discovery Bay University & eCampus

The nerve centre of education and a platform to pursue a broad range of knowledge/self-improvement. Online course, webinars, meetings and E2 world affairs/development (round table).

eCampus – University themed social and residential areas.

Linked to ‘The Museum of Worlds’.

Trading Port

Trading Port

A powerhouse in the north of Kraken territory enhancing trade routes and commerce. A place to buy, sell and trade goods. The commercial centre of Discovery Bay.

Nautical races/competitions will also start or finish here.

Sports Stadiums

Sports Stadiums

Full size sports stadium

Basketball/tennis courts

Quidditch stadium – Proud to be part of the Flyingballs league. Here you will see our home team, The Scholars playing against all who dare!

PvP – Compass Arena/pixel art – 2500 tiles of pure carnage. The arena is part of the E2CA league and dedicated to its use.



Need to let off some steam? Wanna mingle? This is the social heart of the project. Featuring an E2 world famous Kraken tavern and provides a central area for people to relax and enjoy all that E2 has to offer.

Arcadia – Featuring PacMan pixel art – This area will be reserved for arcade style games. Puzzles and mazes will also feature here.

Grab your tiles in Discovery Bay now…

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