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The Kraken pledge

1. Serve The Guild and its members honourably, with professionalism, and with the highest respect for the name and reputation of The Kraken.

2. Defend The Guild in any argument, political activity, trade, negotiation, hostility or battle.

3. Fly the flag chosen by The Guild when possible, or when required to show Guild unity, or for any Guild activity as requested.

4. Help build the bases, towns, industries, resources and assets of The Guild, to the betterment of its members.

5. Buy and build next to other Guild members only when that leaves them room to expand, or after an agreement between all parties who may need access to a block in the near future.

6. Assist other Guild members or allies at all times when possible.

7. Conduct yourself with good humour, and avoid unnecessary aggravation to other Guild members.

8. Obey the lawful orders of Guild officers, act in the best interests of the guild, and follow the chain of command.

9. Earn respect, never demand it.

It’s now time, for you to cast aside your reservations and embrace your true self!

Pick up a blade or pistol, and join us on the seas of Earth2!