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The Kraken arose from the depths slowly at first

In early January 2021, Smoj thought about ways to build gameplay into Earth2, in anticipation of the gameplay the Earth2 developers had been telling us would come, in time.

He tried a few different ideas, but the lightbulb went off when he bought a beautiful beach in the Caribbean. The beach was called “Pirate’s Bay”, in Tobago. And the idea of a pirate guild was born.

Within a week, Pirate Bay had grown into a sizeable settlement, with the aim of providing a place and a lifestyle for pirates, vagabonds and outcasts from all over Earth2 to feel at home, and to explore their adventuring spirits.


Birth of the Discord

After two weeks of promoting the city and pirate lifestyle, it became apparent that it was almost impossible to communicate with other people who were attracted to Pirate Bay.

So the discord was born.

And very soon, pirates began joining in, and expanding the Guild from an idea, into a reality. Attracted by the freedom of adventure, and the possibilities of profit and plunder in a new world.


Striving to be different

Many of the other guilds seemed disorganised, without a clear plan, and seemed authoritarian in nature. So Smoj ensured that The Kraken Guild be different.

He developed a system based loosely on the Dutch East Indias Company, the first ever corporation, which served to expand the land acquisitions and maximise profits for its members, while being run by multiple people.

This ensured that no one person would dominate all aspects of The Guild, and that good people could progress based on merit.

Kraken Map

A system which laid its foundations on fresh ideas, had a background in democracy, and the currency for promotion was hard work and participation.

In a short period of time, The Kraken has attracted many like-minded pirates and buccaneers who work together to create opportunities for all Guild members, and to expand the reach and strength of The Guild, while developing new businesses, and preparing for the one thing that would bind it all together.

We pride ourselves on being the most organised and focussed Guild in the game, but also being a laid back and democratic institution which listens to, and respects its people. We are also the only Guild in Earth2 to treat this game as a business, with our Guildmembers as equal partners, not as subjects. Our core goals are to be so well organised that our efficiency allows us to relax, and enjoy the game. And to become not the largest Guild, but the most fun, and the most successful.

Working together to help each other grow

The Kraken pride themselves on being organised, but laid back and casual, with no tyrants making everybody work to make one person rich. With a plan, but flexible enough to adapt to new changes. Investors, but with gameplay at the heart of it all.

The Kraken are now the premiere Guild in Earth2. We are not interested in being the biggest, but we are definitely the best.



Adm. Smoj

Project Manageer of Pirate's Bay

Admiral Hydra

Project Manager of Pirate's Bay & Eldorado

Adm. Zayko

Kraken Guild Artist
Director of the D.S.T & Project Manager of El Dorado


Jolly Roger

Capt. Jolly Roger

Project Manager of The Two Towers

Capt. Ronald

Project Manager of Skull City
Capt Morphy

Capt. Morpheus

Project Coordinator
Project Manageer of Minde Islands
Kraken Logo

Capt. Tim_Gardner

Founder of E2 Private Isnads
Project Manager of Red Sea Breeze

Capt. Giammani

Founder of Giammani Adventure Co.
Initial Investor in the Kraken Guild

Capt. Alexis

Design Coordinator & Discord Mod



Capt. Pedros

Investor in the Kraken Guild
Steve McReeve

Capt. Steve McReeve

Project Manager of The Two Towers
Scotch And Game

Capt. ScotchandGame

Founder and Project Manager of Float City

Capt. KruemelmonsterxD

Investor in the Guild


Ready PIxel Go

Lt. ReadyPixelGo

Investor in the Kraken Guild
Project Manager of Saint Kraken, Grenadines

Lt. Scing

Investor in the Guild

Lt. Concherors

Investor in the Guild

Lt. Hugh

Investor in the Guild
Primal Realm

Lt. Primal_Realm

Investor in the Guild

Lt. PinstripedHart

Investor in the Guild
Lt Sr

Lt. SR

Investor in the Guild

Lt. Howdyday

Investor in the Guild

2nd Lieutenants


2Lt. Gabriel

Investor in the Guild

2Lt. Sh1nyg4my

Investor in the Guild

2Lt. Antz

Investor in the Guild
Kraken Logo

2Lt. CMPA 0.0

Investor in the Guild


Investor in the Guild
Kraken Logo

2Lt. Rogue_Legend

Investor in the Guild

2Lt. shylock

Investor in the Guild

2Lt. Earth2Devil

Investor in the Guild

2Lt. Gryffyn

Investor in the Guild
Kraken Logo

2Lt. Sam Flynn

Investor in the Guild

2Lt. Bryce

Investor in the Guild

It’s now time, for you to cast aside your reservations and embrace your true self!

Pick up a blade or pistol, and join us on the seas of Earth2!