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Dragon City

Dragon City

Dragon City

Dragon City

The original home of E2 dragons, marries the futurristic with the traditional

DRAGON CITY offers something for everyone. It’s a bustling metropolis built around trade & commerce, finance and entertainment. Nightlife, racing, battle arenas, theme parks, casinos and upmarket hotels and resorts. DRAGON CITY has it all. Now with extra dragon!

Dragon City is for you if you like:

  • High adrenaline racing and battles
  • A busy downtown that’s business in the day and street racing at night
  • A round the clock trading and shipping port

Project managed by:

Jolly Roger

Capt. Jolly Roger

Dragon City Map
Dragon City Racetrack

Dragon Racetrack Arena

The scene of epic speedway races on its banked high-velocity circular circuit. The outer racetrack will host traditional NASCAR style races and formula racers as part of the E2 Racing Series. In addition, we’ll have futuristic looking racers, as well as old school dragon races. In the infield, we’ll host demolition derbies and Monster Truck Smackdowns. The infield will also double as the setting for large scale E2 battles.


Dragon Downtown

The pulsating heart of DRAGON CITY. A frantic, high paced business and financial hub by day, and the setting of Need for Speed style street races at night. Think Singapore in 2320, but on steroids. Lovers of the night life, this is your place. Underground clubs for the in-crowd, swanky hotels, up market pubs. It’s all here.



Rivermouth is the oldest district in DRAGON CITY. It all started as a trading port on the central island. To this day Rivermouth’s island is the bustling commercial hub of DRAGON CITY. Its docks operate round the clock, with a steady stream of ships from all over the globe loading and offloading goods. Its large open markets, soon overflowed to banks on the other side of the river. Wealthy traders started building beachfront mansions at Millionaire Mile. The Colosseum was built to host gladiator fights. Not just the traditional ones. If you fancy your chances against a dragon, this is the place to be.

Grab your tiles in Dragon City now…

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