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Welcome to the E2 Kraken Guild

The premier guild in Earth2, dedicated to long term investment, quality building, gameplay and profit. We don’t want to be the biggest but know we’re the best and certainly have the most fun…

Discover our projects

The Two Towers E2
Skull City
Float City
El Dorado
Dragon City
Minde Islands

Come for the profit, stay for the fun and the party!

Our approach is to expand our currently world-beating trade network, and our AAA quality entertainment precincts, which cover FPS gaming, role-playing, multiple genres and locations, even retro-gaming facilities, across the planet.

But having the world’s best gaming and profit-making framework would mean very little, if it wasn’t fun.

We are a well-organised, but casual crew. Being organised means that we can have more time to relax by the fire with a bottle of rum, ready to swing a cutlass and fire the cannons when the moment is right!

There’s much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn a little more about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop by our Discord, where we’d be happy to show you around the game.

Kraken 1

Smart investors

We’re masters of long-term thinking.

We understand that if you make $1 now, but at the cost of the $100 you might make later, you haven’t gained $1, you have lost $99.

We are in this for the long game, and maximum profits.

Kraken 2

The game is money

Traditional investment requires a purchase, and then a sale.

Earth2 is so much more than this. It’s all about property development.

By playing the game, we are able to influence our investments, and make them grow significantly over time.

This is how we are winning the investment, by winning the game

Kraken 3

People as pillars

A Guild is nothing without it’s people. We know this, if the other guilds don’t.

We treat everyone as an equal stakeholder in our vision, and we reward participation.

Because it is our people who make us strong, not authoritarianism, or blind obedience.

We actively WANT our people to influence our direction, and success.