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Minde Islands

Minde Islands

Minde Islands

Watersports . Party . Adventure

Minde Islands is an Earth2 project located on Solomon Islands in Marovo Lagoon – the largest saltwater lagoon in the world. This place was created for future visitors and gamers to become the ultimate destination for VR water sports, adventures and entertainment in tropical scenery. If Earth2 vision of making Ready Player One a reality will come true – we are going to be a part of that and bring life, fun and entertainment to these magnificent islands.

Minde is for you if you like:

  • Water sports – experience all kinds of water sports and activities you can imagine
  • Adventures – dive into multiple adventures and RPG’s that will be located all around the project
  • Entertainment – have fun, socialise and compete with other people or just have an islands chill
  • Commerce – get the best items and equipment, order yourself a yacht and shop in style in island boutiques
  • Housing – choose your E2 villa / mansion in tropical paradise

Project managed by:

Capt Morphy

Capt. Morpheus

Minde Map
Minde Map
Water sports

Watersports Islands & Party Bay

The main archipelago of Minde Islands will be a perfect place for any kind of water sports and activities like scuba diving, kayaking, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, water polo, kite surfing, jet skiing, sailing and many more.
When the sun goes down – the party bay will host greatest beach events and parties at the beach club and music bars. That will be a perfect place to socialise with your friends or have a virtual date. You can also choose to go shopping in fashionable island boutiques.

Minde Town

Minde Town

Minde Town will be a lively, tropical town with the large teleport in the centre, full of adventures and RPG’s (like Kraken hunting quest). Everyone is welcome to become citizen – choose anything from a tropical style mansion, lagoon villa to a tree-top house or an overwater bungalow.

Minde Town will also have dedicated venues for VR sports and PvP, commercial area with high traffic for your stores, marina to rent yachts and take excursions, taverns and bars and nudist beach to have a chill.

Minde adventure

Adventure Islands

Adventure Islands will be a scene for RPG storyline with plots to be scattered on multiple properties. You can also choose to build your house or run your business on these islands. Some adventures will start in Minde Town, but will require to explore the secrets hidden on the islands to complete the quests. The plans already include : Kraken hunting, hidden treasure hunting, shark island escape, coral reef expeditions, naval battles and many more. Feel free to bring your idea to this project.

Resources District

Manufacturing & Resources District

Manufacturing District and its shipyards will produce all kinds of finest boats, yachts and vessels in Oceania region.

Thanks to Resources District we will have a supply of building materials for the project and resources to build ships, equipment and all sorts of items that can be traded and exported into the whole Oceania region.

If you plan to build ships – this is the place where you build your shipyard and docks.

Grab your tiles in Minde now…

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