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The Two Towers E2

The Two Towers

The Two Towers E2

The Two Towers

Skye & Terra

Two cities, one war. Skye and Terra sit high above the ocean on two volcanic hills. With a Lord of the Rings theme these epic sites will provide the ultimate PvP battle ground for any gaming enthusiast. Surrounded by battle zones (RiverTown, The Lost City, Nova and more) the two cities wage war with each other with one purpose in mind, to bring down the opponents tower.

With a unique site, amazing architecture, a clear design plan and the potential for a lot of tourist and gaming traffic this project will be a success on Earth2. Come and be a part it and join us at The Two Towers.

The Two Towers is for you if you like:

  • Lord of the Ring Style Architecture
  • PvP Battle Zones (RiverTown, The Lost City, Nova and more to follow)
  • Skyeway Racetrack
  • Unique Ocean & River Location

Project managed by:

Steve McReeve

Capt. Steve McReeve

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skye earth 2


The white city perches high on a hill in Papua New Guinea that protrudes out into the ocean. At its centre stands a tall tower and on its boundary a wall that surrounds the entire city. The architecture of the site will remind you of Minas Tirith (Lord of the Rings) and will make the site unique from many others found on Earth2.

Terra (Earth)

The dark city sits inland from Skye on another volcanic hill. At its centre also stands a tall tower and, on its boundary, its own wall surrounds the entire city. The architecture of the site will remind you of Minas Mogul (Lord of the Rings) also making the site unique.



RiverTown lays between Skye and Terra. Its architecture will remind you of Lake Town (Lord of the Rings). This will be the focus of the conflict between the two cities. PvP battle will be hosted here where teams will be able to battle in its small streets and buildings. The Skye River flows through the site enabling boat travel between the two cities. At its centre stands the Town Hall, the meeting point for all who visit RiverTown.

Lost City

The Lost City

Focused around a large amphitheatre (similar to the Colosseum) many historic looking buildings create a maze perfect for PvP encounters. This site will also be the start/end point for all races on the Skyeway racetrack.


Nova (Stars)

This futuristic PvP zone will be home to many space themed buildings. This location will be a unique spot for gaming enthusiasts to host battles and meet friends…

The Two Towers

Grab your tiles in The Two Towers now…

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