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Skull City

Skull City

Skull City

Skull City

Who will you be?

Skull City. Capital of The Kraken. A place for business, trading, and politics, but also for all your cultural and leisure wishes! Be sure to visit our Capital Building and our monument to the founding fathers: The Three Skulls. Our city is the safest space for all your delicate business!

Until its get dark..

Be wary of the various morally questionable activities.

We’re pirates after all…

Skull City is for you if you like:

  • Capital of The Kraken
  • Kraken Political District
  • Skull City Harbour & Resources District
  • Leisure and cultural options
  • Questionable activities…

Project managed by:


Lt. Howdyday


Capt. Ronald

Admiral Hydra

Skull City Map
three fathers

The Kraken Political District

Skull City is home to our capital building, where our guild will organize public and private events related to our guild. The building is located right under the Three Skulls of our founding fathers, who look closely over the decisions we make as a guild, to ensure they honour the Pirate Ways.
The political district also houses our foreign embassies and The Kraken Guild Bank, so for any official business, this is the place for you!


Skull City Harbour & Resources District

On the east coast of the city lies the Skull City Harbour, where ships from all over the world can dock and unload their visitors or cargo.
The cities extensive harbour allows for a well thought out supply of diverse resources, to meet the demands of the trade district and entertainment activities. To fulfil those needs, Skull City also has a collaboration with Resources District. They are located south of the harbour, where the district accommodates miners who supply and produce raw materials from the mines to the city.


Leisure and cultural options

As any Capital City, Skull City holds various options for people on a holiday. Look for our Club2 Clubhouse, or diverse museums, taverns and other fun locations to visit!


Questionable activities

Hey… Pst. You there.

You know why Skull City is located on the east coast of Tobago? So we can use the harbour to smuggle in wares from around the world. The guards are all too focused on the fancy buildings downtown anyway.

You want some entertainment? We got parties you never dreamed possible. Liquor for days, girls for weeks. Our bonfires light up the entire city. In the basement we have some.. let’s say, opportunities for a quick buck, if you’re up for that stuff.

Welcome to Skull City kid.

Grab your tiles in Skull City now…

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