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Float City

Float City

Float City

Float City

Trading . Gaming . Entertainment

Float City is a hub of trading, gaming, entertainment and socialising. Surrounded by a newly discovered species of floating jelly fish our research team has not yet determined whether this phenomenon poses any real threat, but endeavours to ensure the safety of our citizens.

Float City is for you if you like:

  • Trading District: Find those hidden gems you’ve been looking for
  • Gaming District: Not for the faint of heart
  • Social District: Plan your next adventure
  • Hidden Quests and Opt-in missions: Keep your eyes open
  • Quidditch League: Join the Float City Stingers

Project managed by:

Scotch And Game

Capt. ScotchandGame

Float City Earth 2
Float City Earth 2

Trading District

Trade, buy and fence your items; Our Port and Trading network ensure we have items from all around the E2 globe. You’re sure to stumble upon those hidden gems you’ve been so eager to find.


Social District

Full of entertainment and mini games to enjoy with old friends and new. Improve your skills or plan your next adventure, with so much to explore you’ll have plenty to do whilst waiting for the next arena event.


Gaming District

Whether it’s Player vs. Player, or Guild vs. Guild, our Arena caters to those looking for an adrenalin boost. Fight your way to glory to become a Float City Champion and earn your place in our hall of fame.


Hidden Quests and Missions

There’s more to the naked eye in Float City. You’ll find Opt-In missions and hidden quests leading to long lost treasures. But be careful, some of these are dangerous so you best seek some assistance in the Social District.

Grab your tiles in Float City now…

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