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El Dorado

El Dorado


El Dorado

Welcome to the Golden City

There is nothing like the elation of winning a race, making lifelong memories with friends and partying like you have never partied before.

Created by Adm. Hydra and Adm. Zayko, El Dorado is your premiere immersive hub experience in Earth 2 and is the new jewel in the crown of The Kraken’s premiere worldwide entertainment network.

El Dorado is for you if you like:

  • To be a part of the amusement city of the Kraken Guild

Project managed by:


Adm. Zayko

Admiral Hydra


Something for everyone

Try your luck in the pirate ship shaped casino and make enough pieces of eight to last you a lifetime

space exploration

Space exploration

A signature planetarium in the Aztec Coin monument, created by ZEU$, showcasing Earth2’s first immersive VR space exploration experience.



Earth2’s first botanical gardens experience for all lovers and curators of rare plants.

Kraken Kartway

Test your racing skills on the Kraken Kartway, one of the tracks in the famous Earth 2 Racing Series.


The Marina

The El Dorado marina complex is the place for those aspiring sailors and pirates out there. PVP experiences including Pirates vs East India Trading Company re-enactments will all be available here


Supernatural Experiences

Ghost and supernatural enthusiasts will revel in Earth2’s first interactive ghost town and lighthouse tour


Laid to rest

Feeling sentimental about a lost pet or virtual loved one? The El Dorado graveyard is the place to pay your respects on Earth 2. Hell! maybe your loved one may even come back alive!


Find the riches

Treasure hunts you say? Sure – we have one – how do you want to see this play out? Perhaps you can join the search for the Real El Dorado?


Love is in the air

Did you meet your truest love in Earth 2? No problem – we have a church where you can get virtually married in holy or unholy matrimony – your choice. Love is love after all.

Grab your tiles in El Dorado now…

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